End constipation. Get rid of dangerous toxins. Accelerate your health.

Tri-Magnesium Complex with Probiotics - It's the relief you've been looking for!

Irritation of the bowels, swelling, bloating, and even minor stomach discomfort, can be debilitating. It can affect your work, your mood, and your entire life.

Do you...

  • Suffer from indigestion
  • Feel crampy and swollen
  • Feel lethargic and unmotivated
  • Struggle with bowel movements
  • Get frustrated because weight-loss goals seem road-blocked
  • Feel "weighted-down" in your midsection
  • Want to cleanse your body and restore health?

Finally, you can get safe, natural relief now!

A Letter from Dr. James Tuggle

Dear Friends,

Yes, there seem to be a billion companies out there offering relief. You can find drugs at your pharmacy. You can try dramatic lifestyle changes, and yes, you may find something that works. However, the problem with many of the remedies you’ll find at the drug store is that they simply mask symptoms, or just offer temporary relief—they don’t actually solve the problem that’s causing your discomfort. And, although drastic lifestyle changes like diet and exercise will eventually eliminate your symptoms, you want relief now.

Tri-Mag Cleanse is working for real people

"I tried Tri-Mag Cleanse over the weekend and all I can say is this product WORKS! I have used other products when I needed a cleanse, to a varying degree of success... My trainer at the gym recommends I use them periodically. I was never really sure if the results I was getting were normal because sometimes I couldn't tell a difference. However, Tri-Mag worked right away and there was no doubt it performed incredibly. This will become a part of my health regimen."

Photo of Jeffrey Smith
—Jeffrey Smith, Real Estate Advisor
What is Tri-Magnesium Complex with Probiotics? And why is it better?

Let’s be honest—you could spend hours scouring your local health food store, or searching on line to find natural remedies that work. And, you will find other fantastic products. Believe me, as a Doctor I’ve spent more than a decade telling my patients to mix a bottle of one supplement with a bottle of another. And, then I would tell them to make sure that they took at least a certain amount of milligrams of one supplement but no more than a certain amount of another. Yes, my patients would find relief. But, it was a hassle. It was a hassle for me. It was a hassle for them. And, there was always one missing piece of the puzzle—an ingredient called ProBiotics, which helps the body restore its natural intestinal bacteria.

The Perfect Blend: Is it possible?

Early on in my career, my practice focused on weight loss. And, every once in while we would get a patient that, no matter what we tried, simply would not achieve the results we wanted. We would adjust their diet. We would adjust their supplements. We would adjust their exercise. And that’s when we discovered a weight-loss roadblock that we didn’t expect—constipation.

Every year constipation affects more than 4 million Americans and causes 2.5 million visits to a medical provider. Surely, the number of unreported cases would be astronomical.

The science that really matters—you deserve to know

You’re not feeling stomach discomfort without a reason. Typically, the symptoms you feel are a direct result of lifestyle choices and/or habits that have created a physiological reaction in your body. Lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, and ensuring that you drink enough water, and consume enough fiber is necessary. However, as a doctor, I knew there was a way to accelerate changes in your body’s chemistry to not only offer fast relief of unwanted symptoms, but also offer a sustainable program to avoid problems in the future.

Step 1: Solve the Problem by Introducing Probiotics and Tri-Magnesium Blend

Our formula is comprised of a proprietary Tri-Magnesium blend, containing:

Organic Magnesium, Oxidized Magnesium, and Probiotic (healthy bacteria) are the ingredients


Help stimulate muscle contractions (peristalsis) and push fecal matter through.

Specifically designed to leave electrically charged ions in the colon. This draws water into the colon and helps the excretion process.


This helps restore the good bacteria resulting in a healthier gut. This particular type of bacteria has shown in a study to benefit constipation.

Bacillus coagulans is a lactic acid-producing bacteria that is changing the way we use probiotic supplements. This amazing bacteria is completely dormant when in the bottle, but then transforms into a growing bacteria once it's in the intestines. This allows it to be protected against stomach acid and keep its potency. Other Lactobacillus probiotics lose their potency before they are ever used and some won't even make it through the stomach.

Step 2: Understand and Treat the Cause

There could be numerous reasons for your specific symptoms. However, in my practice, there are typically a few primary reasons that can solve the majority of problems.

Probably the most common is Inadequate Dietary Fiber: Currently the Recommended Daily Allowance suggested by the United States Food and Drug Administration suggests 8-11 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day—the best source of dietary fiber. Often people who suffer from digestive issues simply don’t consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables (which are jam packed with living enzymes) to aid in digestion. This isn’t surprising considering most of us live active “on-the-go” lifestyles which makes eating 11 servings of anything fresh seem impossible. When you order Tri-Magnesium Complex with Probiotics, you’ll also receive my recommended “Foods You Should Add, and Foods You Should Avoid” list... foods that I have found through years of being in the medical practice to boost your body’s natural health, or avoid at all costs.

Tri-Mag Cleanse is working for real people

"After traveling abroad and time changes, my body was feeling bloated, uncomfortable and toxic. I couldn't seem to snap back. Shortly after taking Tri-Mag Cleanse I started feeling better! It really does work! I feel great, cleansed and my energy levels are back up! I can not stop raving about this product."

—Jennifer Bras
What You can Expect...

Most people who suffer from constipation or digestive issue, or those who simply want to cleanse toxins from their body, are concerned whether a product will be too aggressive (meaning you need to stay home from work and suffer through a painful elimination process) or something that doesn’t work fast enough (because you need relief now). Tri-Magnesium Complex with Probiotics was deigned to be a perfect balance... with results you will feel in the first 24 hours, but without the drastic effects (tight cramping, diarrhea, etc.). Tri-Magnesium Complex with Probiotics cleanses the colon quickly and comfortably.

Finally, you can get safe, natural relief now!

Friends, I’ve been in practice a long time. I struggled for many years to offer my patients the perfect natural cleanse and relief from constipation. And, when I couldn’t find it (believe me I searched everywhere) I created it—Tri-Magnesium Complex with Probiotics.

Get the relief you deserve now.

Dr. James Tuggle

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